Lost and Found is a community and family of people who carry a different narrative from the culture around them. Our aim is to fuel the dreams of those around us, to encourage and empower people to live a better story. At the core of Lost & Found is the belief that we all need places of community, and today more than ever. We want L&F to be a creative space for our community to eat, drink, talk & dream


we are CRAFT

def - an activity involving skill in making things by hand’. We celebrate the craft of common products  - we believe that good food and good coffee is about keeping things simple and delicious: honouring the efforts of the growers by ensuring we prepare and serve excellent coffee and fresh locally sourced food.



about our local community and being part of a global community. L&F will have generosity in it’s DNA - we want to bring life into our community and beyond. It’s our job to engage our community with real people and places who’s very hands have helped make their amazing cup of coffee possible, to tell their full story. we want to be a community that cares