L&F in the PRESS


With two couples at its foundation, it’s no surprise that the month-old Lost & Found already drips with a homely, convivial atmosphere. In the wilds of northern Derry, this quartet has found love in a hipsterless place.

“It’s exciting times for coffee in the country. I was in Trinity College when the whole coffee thing started to take hold, with coffee shops 3FE and Roasted Brown, and I wanted to bring that home. I’m from Portstewart and I thought it would be more 

challenging to set up somewhere with no real coffee culture. 

We love surfing, we love good food and we love the community that’s here. But it’s a bit of a wasteland for cafes up north. We have the chains, of course, but nothing exciting. We’re happy that it’s starting to spread out beyond Dublin.”What was the genesis of Lost & Found?
“There’s four of us at the beginning of the story. There’s me and my wife Emily, we’ve always had the dream of opening up a coffee shop. 

About three years ago we met Dan and Kathleen Henderson and found we shared the same passion for coffee. 

“Me and Dan started looking online and found HasBean coffee in England and started to buy bags of it. Then we realised we had no idea how to actually make it properly and after some poking around discovered something called Third Wave Coffee. We all loved coffee and the whole community around it...

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