Suspended Coffee

A caffe sospeso (Italian: suspended coffee) or pending coffee is a coffee (or any drink) paid for in advance as an anonymous act of charity. At Lost & Found, we wanted to put generosity at the core of what we're about and we've been thrilled with the way our customers have been so generous in paying for suspended coffees. So that this generosity reached the right people, we have been working with the Causeway food bank , passing on the suspended coffee vouchers so that they could be distributed at the food bank. Allied to this, we also felt is was important to donate the funds from any unredeemed vouchers to a local and global charity. We have chosen the Causeway Food Bank as our local charity - part of the Trussell Trust, giving emergency food to people in crisis through a network of foodbanks. A21 is the global charity we have chosen to support - they are a non-profit organization committed to the abolition of human trafficking. A21 works throughout Europe, North America and Asia to help end human trafficking through prevention, protection, prosecution and partnerships. It is an honour for us to support and stand with these two incredible charities. We want to thank you for your generosity every time you buy a suspended coffee.

You can find out more about A21 and Causeway Food bank here -

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