Japanese Iced Coffee

Japanese Iced Coffee in a Chemex

This week we are excited to present our first of many Iced Coffee offerings from our brew bar. With the better weather moving in we have turned our attention to making great coffee in a way that can be enjoyed on those hot summer days. Having experimented with all sorts of cold brew coffees we have landed on the Japanese Iced Coffee method that we think best captures the clean and sweet flavours we have come to enjoy on the brew bar. The theory behind Japanese Iced Coffee revolves around the idea that when your brew freshly hot coffee straight onto ice it traps all those lovely sweet flavours that can be lost when a normal brew goes cold. We aren't sure of the exact science behind it, all we know is that it tastes great. 

Our first Iced Coffee offering on the brew bar is a stunning Ethiopian coffee, Suke Quto from the Yirgacheffe region. Over ice this coffee has a clean red berry sweetness with a nice carmel mouthfeel and a smooth lingering finish. We are excited to let you taste this refreshing brew over ice. 

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